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Yallourn North Ghost Tour on Friday the 13th of November 2015

Yallourn North Ghost Tour on Friday the 13th of November 2015 at 8pm

Yallourn North Ghost Tour on Friday the 13th of November 2015 at 8pm

Haunted Hills Tours is running a ghost tour in Yallourn North celebrating the 3rd Friday the 13th of the year on, 13th of November 2015 at 8pm.

The format is a walking tour of Yallourn North, going to public spaces that have a tragic past and some have spirits remaining. It also covers a places we cannot walk too.  Yallourn North is a lot older than it looks. There are quite a few ghostly tales, we walk for about five minute intervals between stories.

Join us for a guided walking tour back-in-time a chance to experience history, the paranormal and bizarre. Be drawn back with tales from Yallourn, Brown Coal Mine and the evocatively named Haunted Hills.

Duration: 1 hour and half

Tickets $25 ($20 concession)
Family rate available

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Terms and conditions:
Next tour: 15th of November 2015 at 8pm in Traralgon.

Winter Night Festival Morwell

This is the 2015 logo for the Winter Festival - original source (http://www.latrobevalleyfestival.com/winter-night-festival-2015/)

This is the 2015 logo for the Winter Festival – original source (http://www.latrobevalleyfestival.com/winter-night-festival-2015/)

The 2014 Winter Festival original source (http://blog.outr.org/2014/05/reactivate-latrobe-valley-winter-night.html)

The 2014 Winter Festival original source (http://blog.outr.org/2014/05/reactivate-latrobe-valley-winter-night.html)The Winter Festival in Morwell has been running for two years. It is a wonderful family event, show casing the best of the creative side that we don’t celebrate as much as we probably should. There were so many creative acts.

This is a fantastic festival that showcases the artistic and musical talent the Latrobe Valley and Morwell have to offer. There is also the regular stalls for the local markets that occur, such as cupcakes, candles, food, and other items. Some of the local shops were open and it was really nice to escape into the warmth of the shops. There are a few gems in Morwell. I was really taken by the Art House, that sells local art, bric a brac, antique stuff, and awesome stockings.

The Latrobe Valley Art Gallery participated with a fifties theme, musician and 5 galleries full of different art installations. The community art gallery was fantastic, and showcased 35 paintings.

The Gippsland Acoustic Music Performers, blasted rock’n’roll from a trailer. There were so many musical performers, I missed some of the names. There was a wall of sound and the town lit up all very pretty.

While all the light shows were really good, I loved the light show at the Masonic Hall, by Dan Clancy and Eliosa Tripod. Dan controls the laptop and Eloisa puts on a show and the building reacts. It was really great they even had a third performer who I photographed on the building.

These photos were taken by me at the winter festival run by ReActivate, on the 19.06.15

And there are awesome shops.

And there are awesome shops.

P1070516 P1070518 P1070519 P1070520

Amber Lounge Morwell is a beautiful function/nightspot in Morwell.

Amber Lounge Morwell is a beautiful function/nightspot in Morwell.


Masonic Hall light show and performance


Eloisa (an actual corporeal form, due to low lighting I had a slow shutter speed and Eloisa was moving quickly)

Butterfly P1070523 P1070524 P1070475 P1070476 P1070477 P1070478

Soularity light show diversity

Soularity light show diversity

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose

P1070484 P1070485 P1070486 P1070488 P1070490

I missed these guys name, but they were singing - Long way to the top - it was brilliant.

I missed these guys name, but they were singing – Long way to the top – it was brilliant.

Adina Crafts - Artist

Adina Crafts – Artist

Adina Crafts - Artist

Adina Crafts – Artist

Lighted - Our World

Lighted – Our World

These artists were so creative

These artists were so creative

The youth of many nations art pieces

The youth of many nations art pieces

The youth of our area

The youth of our area

This is a display from Gippslands multicultural youth, heaps of talent.

This is a display from Gippslands multicultural youth, heaps of talent.

Commercial Road Morwell

Commercial Road Morwell

Morwell bus station

Morwell bus station

gum tree in Morwell

gum tree in Morwell

P1070506 P1070507 P1070508 P1070509 P1070510

Art House Retro Vintage

Art House



Moondarra State Park

Moondarra State Park is a lovely spot North of Yallourn North accessible from Moe-Walhalla Road. The park is huge there are lots of four wheel drive tracks, in the the drive car there was no possibility of taking those. A sign pointing to a bitchumen road promised the Moondarra Res’ (and the Moe Gun Club). This road led to a lovely reserve on the East side of the Moondarra Reservoir. This is a well maintained reserved with lovely grassy areas, a number of things to discover while strolling around. (If this blog doesn’t get the word out about the park it almost feels like it’s your own private gardens – that you don’t have to work to maintain.) There was also history to discover.

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The town of Gould was formerly here, it could be said this town was dammed. This town seems to have slipped quietly into the Moondarra Dam. Different to other towns, it was never officially “crowned town”. The Brown’s, Siddle’s,Taylor’s and Master’s owned land on the edge of the Tyers River.  There was land where a school was built, and a public hall. Even though it wasn’t officially a town the town had no problem with mail delivery.

The school built by the locals with some government assistance, opened in 1914 with Miss Gibbons and Miss Campey was the head teacher.

The Tyers river was a popular fishing spot on the weekend. The locals fed themselves by fishing, raising pork and growing tick beans. The locals also grew maize, although the parrots ate so much of it.

The public shelter at the Moondarra reservoir is said to be the Cecil Inn relocated when the town was moved on.

Morgan had sawmill at Jacobs Creek he used to take the wood into Moe via horse in the early days, when Gould’s railway was finished he linked a tramway to the railway making transport easier.

In 1959 the Moondarra reservoir commenced building, it took two years to build, taking away the entire township of Gould.



This is from (http://www.walhallarail.com/_Media/gould_station085.jpg) it’s gould station, with a water tower and those hills look familar in the distance.


Things to do in Gippsland

Things to do in Latrobe Valley

Highlights: Moondarra Reserve, Tarra Bulga National Park,



Things to do in Yallourn North

Things to do in Yallourn North – Highlights in Yallourn North, many parks not much traffic, great for picnics and play. Hall’s Bay home to the Latrobe Valley Water Ski club.


Things to do in Yallourn North and surrounds

Yallourn North offers things for you to do however you holiday.

Yallourn North is a historical town established in 1917 (as the Brown Coal Mine). It’s a quiet township with many parks and reserves.Walking around Yallourn North is lovely, and there are plaques to read and art to look at on Reserve St North Road, and Carmel Ave. It’s a hidden gem within the Latrobe Valley, and close to a lot of natural beauties, parks, lakes, and rivers.

Yallourn North has a recently expanded bus service, which now operates seven days a week. Located 20 minutes from Traralgon and under 10 minutes to Moe, it’s a lovely country town with easy access to city features  such as cinema, restaurants, shopping, wineries and much more.

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Yallourn North has an active community who put on a variety of events throughout the year. In 2014 the Yallourn North Winter Market had everyone a buzz, and the Twilight Christmas Market offered 70 stalls, and drew over 1000 people. Yallourn North got into the Christmas Spirit, bringing the community together, providing a variety of activities, ranging from outdoor cinema to trivia. You can find out more about them through this link. The Latrobe City Council also keeps an events calendar of the local area that you can check out, and the town’s local website affords one too.


Yallourn North is perfectly situated for an active holiday.

From fishing, walking, BMX riding track, skate boarding, cricket (to watch or play depending on the day), tennis, swimming, golf, bowls (barefoot or otherwise), and football. Yallourn North’s got it all.

Parks and Natural Reserves

Natural parks surround Yallourn North, like Moondarra Park and Tyers Park – these are parks that have places to fish, to explore, walks and watch wildlife. Tyers Park has the Tyers River and a gorgeous natural gorge. Moondarra State Park is home to 16 different types of orchids, and other native vegetation and fauna. There is a free camping ground and other affordable camp grounds, places to fish and other nature type activities. The Park is accessible via Moe-Erica Road.

Located within the township are four several parks and reserves, one on Corner of Rossmore Av and Kelso Rd, Reserve St, Anderson St, and the corner of Low and East Road colloquially known as Grader Park. They’re a great distance for doing a park-hop (the kids version of a bar crawl). All within nice walking distance each other. Each of them are a little different, and two parks have lots of space to play games on the grass.
Halls Bay is part of Lake Narracan and accessible from Yallourn North’s Fernlea Road. It’s the home of the Latrobe Valley Water Skiing club. There is a boat ramp, for club members, as well as dedicated swimming areas. It’s a beautiful spot for walking and picnicking.

Fishing in Yallourn North

The nearby fishing holes are Anderson Creek, Lake Narracan, Latrobe River, Tanjil River, Tyers River, and Blue Rock Dam. With all these fishing locations so close to the one town, Yallourn North could be a great fisherman’s destination. Most commonly found are Redfin, Trout, Carp, and Eels.

Things to do on Reserve Street, Yallourn North

Reserve St, Yallourn North, has a shopping district that has an op-shop, hairdresser, medical centre, and Polly’s fish and chip shop. All set next to the visitor information shelter within Lions Park that sports a covered play area, BBQ, and various sitting areas. Next to the park is the Yallourn North Bowls Club.

There is a Skate Park and BMX track at the corner of Third and Reserve St. The cricket pitch is opposite the shops, and next door to the Yallourn North Primary school. The Tennis courts and two historical churches are also on this road, which leads to North Road, where the Post Office, Foodworks, and Newsagent is conveniently located.

School Ave, Yallourn North

Behind the school is School Ave and the outdoor pool that is open during summer from 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. And on really hot days 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.



The Rossmore Hotel is usually open for the evening meal, some of the local sporting legends that adorn their walls. It’s got a lovely local vibe, with a traditional pub look. The Angler’s club also meets at the Rossmore Hotel. I bet they know how to get fish from the local creeks, rivers, dams and lakes.

Polly’s, Yallourn North’s local Fish and Chip shop, open during the day (except Sunday when it opens at 4:30 p.m.) near Lion’s park, with playground and BBQ.

Do you want more historical information?


The Old Brown Coal Mine Museum is open on the Weekends and most public holidays. You can check out there website here.

Want to know more about the power industry in the Latrobe Valley? There is a Power works tour that will take you and tell you all about it.

 For more information you can visit Yallourn North’s website – www.yallournnorth.vic.au

(If you have something to add or amend to this list please don’t hesitate to email hauntedhillstours@gmail.com)
If you want to read about the first Yallourn North Ghost Tour, you can here