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Review: Blood Red Sky

I would recommend watching this after American Ghost Hunter, as it is kind of the sequel in a very loose interpretation. It is chronologically how the films were made.

Blood Red Sky opens with exploring bizarre events that occurred all over the world in the lead up to the 21st of September 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar (yet not civilisation). The premise of this film fascinated and thrilled me. The movie poses the questions: Do we affect our surroundings and get what we expect out of it? basically.

This film was predominately shot at Chillingham Castle in England reportedly the most haunted destination on earth. This film also contains one of the best pieces of paranormal evidence Chad Calek (director) has ever captured. Again there is ghost hunting, there is unexplained phenomenon.

Inside all that there is this experiment taking place to test the premise of the movie. It is once again fascinating story telling.

Some of this movie was hard watching, and different people find it so, for different reasons. There is footage of medical procedures (that I can never watch not even simulated medical procedures.) The reasoning behind this imagery is fascinating, and if you can stomach it, they are in the DVD extras, however after watching the entire DVD only one person wanted to see that footage in full.

Chad calls this movie our story, and it is, our story. Again it is passionate, brave and there is a sense of resolution… Presented in a well paced documentary style.
This movie was enjoyable and good, I think it achieved the objective and it haunts me therefore a score 4.5 haunted hills out of 5.

* I watched this movie at the AGH television event at Coal Creek Korumburra on the 07.06.15, it was a great night. I’d highly recommend attending next years.
The movies/tv shows can be accessed through: http://www.aghtelevision.com/

(This is an unsolicited review)


When ghosts attach

Ghost Hug - photo by Timothy Krause

Ghosts attach themselves to people for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes a whole host of ghosts attach themselves to a person, this is usually a highly sensitive person who is most likely to be open to the spiritual and psychic ability.

In most cases ghosts attach to:

– People they know (not willing to let go, unresolved issues, to provide information or to watch over)

-People they want to know (for some reason they are intrigued, attracted, or dislike)

Some people may not notice that a ghost has attached themselves, they can live symbiotically for a long time never noticing more than an occasional presence or niggling memory.

A change in circumstances can shift the entity from a watchful presence into action for good or bad, depending on their temperament. I’ve had a few stories of people who’ve lived in haunted houses had a ghost attachment that were fine, some were aware of the ghostly presence but not fearful, when something changes and the poltergeist behaviours commence.

One of the stories I heard went as far as strangling a partner – thankfully it didn’t complete the job. It was a scary experience for all involved others experience things moving in the house, objects being thrown, others power disruptions lights blowing. Sometimes changing your behaviour in the house, one of the stories I heard was a house where everything had to be shut, all the doors, cupboards and windows or else the ghost would torment and pull the covers off the bed until the things were shut. If shutting everything in your house cramps your style you might want to get someone in to help clear the house.

These are extreme cases and require intervention from a spiritual healer.

Although ghost attachments can also cause some mental disturbances, like nightmares, feeling harrrassed, affecting your emotions. Ghosts can even suck your energy to give themselves more energy and may be the cause of physical stress, tiredness. There also could be other factors at play, so be sure to get checked out by your doctor as well.

Unfortunately with ghost attachment there is no ability to scientifically evaluate it. Which is why you should consider all the options first – unless of course you’re experience poltergeist behaviour and things. Also remember any prolonged period of stress can play havoc with our bodies so it’s a good to have a checkup with your doctor.

By the way the picture I used – before you use it as evidence, I have to confess, I couldn’t find any creative commons free pictures that had a “ghost hug” in them. This is a reflection in a window of a shop, by Timothy Krause. The full picture is below.

Ghost hug

Also if this was interesting you might like the thoughts on cellular memory or as I like to call it “living haunted” 


Cursed graves

Cemetery’s give people the creeps, leading people to cease breathing as they go past one in case they inhale a spirit, to seeing how long they can last in the cemetery. The cemetery at Walhalla Victoria has yet to have anyone last until daybreak.

Then there is the potential of cursed graves, these ones may not have an inscription on them of a curse but unexplainable things occur.

A cursed grave is one with a story beyond the inscription that makes the hairs on the back of your head stand on end.

A grave with a curse on it is different, and looking historically that grave robbing was common place, these curses were probably written to deter would be grave robbers.

Cursed graves uncovered:

Carl Pruitt  of Eastern Kentucky, arrived home in 1938 and found his wife in their bed with another man in the throes of passion. He was enraged at this sight and strangled her there in the bed. The other man escaped. Once Carl realised what he’d done he killed himself.

The two were planted in the same grave plot, and a tombstone was erected in their memory.

One day a child entered the cemetery and threw rocks at the headstones, one of those headstone’s was the Pruitt’s. While riding home, he had an accident, that resulted in the chain of his bike wrapping around his neck choking him to death. (This sounds like the work of a poltergeist you can read more about those here)

The child’s mother went to the cemetery with an axe and destroyed the Pruitt’s head stone. Later that day she returned home, and while hanging the washing the line snapped and wrapped around her neck fatally strangling her.

The tomb stone remained undamaged.  The grave claimed three more lives none as dramatic as the first two.

Another reportedly cursed grave is that of Sarah Simpson’s from Penrith NSW. Walking home late one night to her 8 children she was set upon by a gang of men, who killed her. She was buried in the cementry, where men who passed by or approached it would experience “harrassment”, or were ultimately cursed, she is seen by women as a spirit wearing white in the trees above grave (Woman in White).  Her grave bears this inscription:

And am I born to die,
To lay this body down.
And must my trembling spirit fly.
Into a world unknown.
A land of deepest shade,
Unpaired by  human thought.
The dreary regions of the dead,
Where all things are forgot.

In Gippsland, that cemetery at Walhalla has a grave with a curse inscribed and while the cemetery is a light with paranormal activity, the sole cause may not be from James Mitchell. James died falling down a mine shaft, atop his grave is inscribed:

Oh, let my sudden doom a warning be to all. Here while thou bendeth over thy tomb, thou may as quickly fall.

The grave story that is most fascinating in the Walhalla area is Kitty Kane’s, she was a lady who ran a house of pleasures, she was a large lady in personality and size. Legend says they found it too difficult to carry her all the way to Walhalla for burial in the cemetery so they buried in the vicinity of Aberfeldy. The story says that Kitty draws men to her for companionship, some men have reported feeling her arms circle their waists.

Other reasons for writing curses on graves:

As I mentioned earlier, that many graves have curses inscribed on them and this may have been in response to the threat of grave robbers. Shakespeare, the bard himself was concerned about this many of his plays reference a concern with how the remains of the dead are treated. The inscription on his tomb takes away all doubts:

Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare,
To dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones.

Poltergeists and pushy ghosts (1)






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Read about types of haunts

Cellular Memory or Living Haunted

Poltergeist and pushy ghosts

Poltergeists and pushy ghosts (1)

Firstly becareful: Whilst most poltergeists appear mischevious it’s best to get professional intervention as soon as possible, priest, church leader, medium,  spiritual healer.  Some people have successfully negotiated to live peacefully with poltergeists.

The term poltergeist is a German word literally meaning noisy ghost. Not all people who deal with poltergeists, ghosts, residual haunt, haunted, active haunt, messenger, spirit, orb, animal ghostpoltergeists consider it a ghost, as it rarely forms an apparition, and may not be a spirit of a loved one who’s passed. A poltergeist is rarely caught on film as though they’re using energy on

affecting the natural environment over being visible. There are shadows or distortions on some that look more authentic.

I’ve been told stories of things going thump while nothing is disturbed through to water running down walls, and other poltergeist symptoms in between. Commonly attributed poltergeist activity is on a still night windows rattle, doors slam or things open or move with no reason.

Levitation is attributed to poltergeists made famous through the “Einfield Poltergeist” , where two  police saw an arm chair levitate, the looked for wires, magnets and every other thing they could think of and couldn’t find a reason, however couldn’t proceed with an investigation as no laws were being broken. Many ghost hunters visited the house and the girls sometimes played pranks on them however they also were unable to explain the other symptoms. They saw things moving on their own, like the girls mother who was in the girls room the night the dresser moved across the room blocking the door. The mother ran to it, it rammed into at first and then she pushed it back in place.

Skeptics believed the children were playing pranks, however too many people had consistently inexplicable experiences in the house the house is considered truly haunted.

Here’s a playlist of poltergeist clips from YouTube:

Poltergeists seem to mostly be mischievous, but it is serious and you should seek some form of help. As one of the theories about poltergeists absorb energy, so use less energy, keep calm and seek help.  However lately a lot of footage is collecting with pushy ghosts. Literally on CCTV people are falling over and there is no or some distortion and they fall as though pushed.

There has been very few reported symptoms of hauntings in those areas although some are hotels and it may not be good business to accept the signs. Also it would be difficult to know if it is a ghost someone brought in or if it was one that always was there or a haunted object.

Do you have any theories why pushy ghosts are cropping up or are all these fakes and people really good at falling?

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Types of haunts and ghosts or spirits

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50% of people believe in ghosts, are you one?

Do you ever have trouble winding down after a particularly stressful, emotional or active day? Has someone else’s presence affected you, their mood, covered you in a cloak? The webbing of their presence stays long after you’ve extracted yourself from their presence? Do you have that person that is with you, judging you, criticising you and when you run into them nothing goes right? While I write this I understand that some people aren’t as affected. They either shrug it off, or don’t realise how it affects their own emotional responses.  A lack of insight or acceptance.

Some of this is how we respond to the stimuli around us. Yet, there is a lingering palpable presence that living people sometimes leave behind. Sometimes this is a trauma they carry in deep sadness, or anger. So, why would this energy end just because their body ceases functioning?

Famously, rightly or wrongly, paranormal investigators have co-opted physics law “Conservation of Energy”. ‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it can change form’. The scientific community laments this borrowing. Although, reputable paranormal investigators, follow a hypothesis and are willing to debunk – (accept that it’s not a ghost appearance through a series of tests). Revealing edited photos, people faking poltergeist symptoms, environmental factors, and so on.

 Residual Haunt

A haunted place that has an uneasy feel about them or a recording played on loop, called a “residual haunt”. There is no active spirit residing there, just a recording of the residual energy from a trauma or memory. This refers to  the idea posed earlier that other people’s emotional states can affect your emotional state. The theory named “stone tape”, is where the environment having enough magnetic minerals acts like a film. It keeps record of the event, feelings or sometimes even the persons repetitious routine.

A story about an avid gardener, seen as a regular fixture tending his front garden. After his neighbours hadn’t seen him for a few days they entered his home finding him in the entry hallway having taken his own life. A few months later a neighbour saw him in the garden the only difference was he was transparent. This is a residual haunt.

Another story was of a house that didn’t have a tragic, the owner passed away there.  Upon entering the home they would hear footsteps. They’d also feel a presence following the sound around the house,  they never saw anyone who wasn’t expected. There were also sounds in the roof. They accept the previous owner doesn’t want to leave.

On many occassions at a new annex in a Melbourne Church a girl in a white dress was seen walking alone the glass window.


A poltergeist received its name from German roots, ‘polte’ meaning noisy and ‘geist’ meaning. This is the type of ghost that can affect the natural world. This can mean electricity, moving things, shaking things, a sensation of touch. This is the commonly depicted ghost experience because they are disconcerting and downright scary. This type of ghost is able to touch people.

I’ve received some stories about poltergeists.

There is the famous ghostly shove as caught on CCTV as shown below.

Ghost, push, poltegeist

Click for source. This is what the film captured at the point the woman says she felt hands and was pushed a by a ghost.

Experiences recounted to me are feeling strangled, things moved such as a Christmas angel on the floor (after being secured at the top of the tree). Other experiences of electrical disturbances, of places in the Latrobe Valley.

At another Melbourne property had examples of poltergeist activity. Working late one night, they entered the bathroom unhindered. Whilst handling the toilet door it was pulled out of hand, this happened more than once. The door swung in and no one was in the cubical, or the bathroom. On the way out they tripped over a bin in the doorway. The bin wasn’t there when they’d entered the room.  The least frightening of all the experiences was a constant whispering, that went on for two years in this place.


A messenger is a ghost that appears usually for a purpose if the purpose is acknowledging it’s usually not seen again. This seems to solidify a belief that the spirits can travel between the spiritual world and our natural world. Am example told to me by a reader was a Mother who’d died leaving behind her young family. A few months after her death, there was trouble with the will. Her 14 year old daughter would never have known if it wasn’t for an encounter with her mother one night. Appearing at the end of her bed, her mother explained how to fix it. She didn’t see her mother again however was very grateful for the visit.

Animal Ghosts

Ghost dog, ghost animals

I must admit I haven’t done a lot of research in this area – but http://drakinan.weebly.com/stories1/animal-ghosts has also the photo source.

Animals visit as ghosts, generally they fall under the residual haunt category, of being seen but not active.

Did you check out our Ghost or Not pics?

Thanks, to my readers who shared their experiences and have added this collective of the stories that haunt us. If you want to share your stories with me please email me at hauntedhillstours@gmail.com or in the box below. If you would like to share it in the comments you’re most welcome to.

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