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Traralgon Ghost Tour – upcoming dates

Traralgon is a major town in the Latrobe Valley, it was originally called Hobsons Run, because it was owned by a man named Hobson. It is a lively town today, with shopping, bars, food, and paranormal sightings.

It’s a surprise to most that there would be ghosts in Traralgon, however it is a old city with a rich history that has left its residue on the town.

Come along to discover the secrets that hide in plain sight on these streets.

Haunted Hills Tours, Traralgon Ghost Tour will commenced in October 2015 on the 30th at 8pm.

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The Traralgon Ghost Tour Dates:

December 11th, 2015 at 8pm – 9:30pm

December 17th, 2015 at 8pm – 9:30pm
December 28th, 2015 at 8pm – 9:30pm
January 2nd, 2016 at 8pm-9:30pm
January 15th, 2016 at 7:30-9pm
January 23rd, 2016 at 8pm – 9:30pm
February 6th, 2016 at 8pm- 9:30pm
February 25th, 2016 at 8pm – 9:30pm

Discover our forgotten past

The stories that haunt

Post Office and Court House in Traralgon - Photo taken by David Jackmanson original photo here https://www.flickr.com/photos/djackmanson/18418406676/sizes/l

Post Office and Court House in Traralgon – Photo taken by David Jackmanson original photo here https://www.flickr.com/photos/djackmanson/18418406676/sizes/l

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Can dreams kill?

‘Can dreams kill?’ A tweet asked me. I didn’t know, although it is something I’m interested in, as part of exploring the paranormal, death, dying and burial customs as they help form a picture. There are many stories in folklore, like “The Nightmare on Elm Street”. The German’s evil creature called “Mara” who sits on people’s chests while they’re sleeping. People who describe anxiety attacks say it feels like someone is sitting on their chest, coincidentally people also say it feels like a ‘heart attack’. Norse legends say the elderly die from shattered dreams.

“Field Trip”, is an X-files episode where an hallucinogen tries to keep the agents compliant while the plant digests them, a little different of a take on the can dreams kill?

A quick Google had an article from 1981 by the New York Times, posing that the deaths of 18 Laotian refugees. All died in their sleep over a period of 4 years; full autopsies revealed natural causes as the answer. An article published in Europe PubMed Journal, by Parmer (1998) stated “Emotional stress is a trigger for coronary artery spasm.” I assume a coronary artery spasm is not good, but also that it may not be fatal every time it occurs. It also probably feels like a heart attack (if you’ve not experienced it before) as people with anxiety say it does.

I rarely dream but when I do they’re bizarre and sometimes my subconscious playing cruel tricks, although sometimes the absurdities will kick my conscience mind into gear and I’ll wake analysing what I just experienced playing out in my mind.

While refugees have had vastly worse experiences than I have. These experiences could help their minds create realistic to recreate, making it difficult to rationalise. The refugees also didn’t speak English very well and would have felt isolated even though in a safe place. It is a common cause of death for Filipino men between 30-40 that there is a lot of work on the horror of the devasted dreams.

Night Terrors exist in western psychology and mostly experienced by children who wake up in a physiological state of terror (sweats, dilated pupils, screaming, etc.). There doesn’t seem to have to be environmental factors as a consistent factor in these experiences. Children mostly grow out of it. 2%-8% of people don’t and experience these on and off for years or even ever.

– If the dreams are bothering you and you wake up, distressed seek the help of your doctor.

– Wind-down before going to bed (yoga, reading, talking with someone, reduce stimulation)

– Plan to get adequate sleep (i.e. don’t put off going to bed until you’re exhausted, sleep is important in maintaining a healthy mental disposition)

– Eating before going to bed makes your body think it’s going to be doing some work. Imagine it’s shock when you sleep, and what now does it do with all that energy (play with your brain?)

– Make the bedroom a relaxing and peaceful environment.

– Reducing general stress has got to be a bonus for anybody

It has also accepted that negative paranormal attachments can cause nightmares. If none of the above is working, you might want to consult a spiritual healer. (Make sure you check with a doctor before you take even a natural herbal suggestion as it may interact with medication or other medical issues negatively.)

Other ghostly phenomenon, haunting and types of ghosts

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As we’ve been reviewing material and stories of the paranormal quotes have come to us, and we like the paranormal, so we’ve created some designs and things that can be worn, put up or help you travel.

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Paranormal selections:


Cursed graves

Cemetery’s give people the creeps, leading people to cease breathing as they go past one in case they inhale a spirit, to seeing how long they can last in the cemetery. The cemetery at Walhalla Victoria has yet to have anyone last until daybreak.

Then there is the potential of cursed graves, these ones may not have an inscription on them of a curse but unexplainable things occur.

A cursed grave is one with a story beyond the inscription that makes the hairs on the back of your head stand on end.

A grave with a curse on it is different, and looking historically that grave robbing was common place, these curses were probably written to deter would be grave robbers.

Cursed graves uncovered:

Carl Pruitt  of Eastern Kentucky, arrived home in 1938 and found his wife in their bed with another man in the throes of passion. He was enraged at this sight and strangled her there in the bed. The other man escaped. Once Carl realised what he’d done he killed himself.

The two were planted in the same grave plot, and a tombstone was erected in their memory.

One day a child entered the cemetery and threw rocks at the headstones, one of those headstone’s was the Pruitt’s. While riding home, he had an accident, that resulted in the chain of his bike wrapping around his neck choking him to death. (This sounds like the work of a poltergeist you can read more about those here)

The child’s mother went to the cemetery with an axe and destroyed the Pruitt’s head stone. Later that day she returned home, and while hanging the washing the line snapped and wrapped around her neck fatally strangling her.

The tomb stone remained undamaged.  The grave claimed three more lives none as dramatic as the first two.

Another reportedly cursed grave is that of Sarah Simpson’s from Penrith NSW. Walking home late one night to her 8 children she was set upon by a gang of men, who killed her. She was buried in the cementry, where men who passed by or approached it would experience “harrassment”, or were ultimately cursed, she is seen by women as a spirit wearing white in the trees above grave (Woman in White).  Her grave bears this inscription:

And am I born to die,
To lay this body down.
And must my trembling spirit fly.
Into a world unknown.
A land of deepest shade,
Unpaired by  human thought.
The dreary regions of the dead,
Where all things are forgot.

In Gippsland, that cemetery at Walhalla has a grave with a curse inscribed and while the cemetery is a light with paranormal activity, the sole cause may not be from James Mitchell. James died falling down a mine shaft, atop his grave is inscribed:

Oh, let my sudden doom a warning be to all. Here while thou bendeth over thy tomb, thou may as quickly fall.

The grave story that is most fascinating in the Walhalla area is Kitty Kane’s, she was a lady who ran a house of pleasures, she was a large lady in personality and size. Legend says they found it too difficult to carry her all the way to Walhalla for burial in the cemetery so they buried in the vicinity of Aberfeldy. The story says that Kitty draws men to her for companionship, some men have reported feeling her arms circle their waists.

Other reasons for writing curses on graves:

As I mentioned earlier, that many graves have curses inscribed on them and this may have been in response to the threat of grave robbers. Shakespeare, the bard himself was concerned about this many of his plays reference a concern with how the remains of the dead are treated. The inscription on his tomb takes away all doubts:

Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare,
To dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones.

Poltergeists and pushy ghosts (1)






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Read about types of haunts

Cellular Memory or Living Haunted

The ghost whisperers’ chatty dress

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Thanks to the residents for letting us on their property and thanks to Lynton Gale for the photos.

In January, I ran a competition to decide the ghost whisperers’ costume. Originally, I was trying to go for dresses inspired by the 1910-1930 era which was the start of the Brown Coal Mine and Yallourn. I couldn’t really find any, and none of the choices were from this time period. It’s tough to find dresses from 1910-1930, that isn’t a flapper’s dress – its way to cold to wear that in winter!.  I made up a competition and put it out to the people, asking for comments of the communities to pick their favourite.

The costume competition winner was Catheryn Thompson whose comments inspired the dress to speak volumes.

“This dress is school marmish with blood red flowers – the sense of controlled horror & femme fatale, will suit the haunted hills”

These comments captured my imagination as I appreciate the film noir genre where the femme fatale character emerged. Film noir has a particular look, using shadows to change the everyday into something, shady. It’s the genre of most old school detective movies, as they investigate the shady side and disclosed side of life.  Anyhow, how does all that relate to the ghost tour setup delivers this film noir look, while it’s a walking tour not a film. The elements of a film noir are all there as walk commences in the twilight setting the atmosphere, casting shadows on the otherwise beautiful town of Yallourn North. The stories shared throughout the tour, take us back in time and to the things we don’t really talk about as the history. You know, things the like the four skeleton’s found in a stones throw from Yallourn, the unsolved murders and the spirits unable to rest lacking justice. The tour covers the sly grog trade as well, according to an article by ancestory.com on Australia day, we like having criminals in our histories. The tour also covers creatures that were in Yallourn, like the Gippsland Lion. That’s the main elements of the ghost tour. Ghost tours don’t usually have a genre but, I would say most are a combination of film noir, horror, thriller and suspense.

“The controlled horror” I most certainly hope the horror is controlled. There are elements in the stories that may horrify people.

The dress has an aspect of looking like school Marm. Well, that comes with other aspect to ghost tours, history. To explore the spirits past some understanding of their life helps, which will be provided to you on the tour.

A later addition to the costume was a red cape

Congratulations Catheryn

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What you must know…

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ghost tour?

A ghost tour is an experienced based walking tour of Yallourn North. The tour guide reveals the long forgotten secrets of the town. Points of interest include paranormal and macabre events. But mostly, it’s about the history we don’t relish. It’s something we’re quietly curious about. That’s the basics of a ghost tour. Join us to discover more.

Will I have a paranormal encounter?

A paranormal encounter is not guaranteed. We do our best to ensure you have an experience discovering lots of interesting things about Yallourn and the Brown Coal Mine.

Do ghost tours operate in the rain?

Yes, we have umbrellas to share. We suggest you wear weather appropriate shoes and clothes for your own comfort.

Do ghost tours operate during bush-fires?

We will take advice from the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and let you know, via email and on our social media pages. If we do cancel due to a bush-fire, we will refund pre-purchased tickets.

Is there a lot of walking?

Yes. Yallourn North is on a gentle slope. There are uneven surfaces. If you have accessibility issues issues please let us know, we’d love to ensure your experience is a great one.

How long does the ghost tour last?

It’s an hour and half. This is the length of time the material and walking to the different locations will take.

What do I need to wear?

Clothes, please. Weather appropriate is a bonus. As the tours run at night time it can get quite chilly even if the day was warm. Winter is cold (June-August).

What happens if I need to leave the tour early?

We hope that doesn’t happen. We’ll direct you back to the car park. There is no refund.

Can I smoke on the ghost tour?

No, thank-you. We might miss an apparition.

Can I drink alcohol on the tour?

We want to explore the spirits of the past, and hear about the sly grog trade in Yallourn. We don’t need present day examples and it isn’t tolerated on the tour for your safety and that of the others on the tour.

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