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This Friday the 13th – make your own luck

This friday the 13th - make your own luck

This Friday the 13th – make your own luck

This year, I launched the first Yallourn North Ghost Tour on the a stormy moody Firday the 13th of February, the first for the year. This November is the third Friday the 13th for the year. I’ll have completed my fourth exam early that day, and be ready to immerse myself and you, in the tales of the paranormal in Yallourn North. What a way to wind down with completing my third year of university and running a business that is getting quite a buzz.

I was thinking that my luck had run out when I saw the exam timetable posted and my last exam for Friday the 13th of November, when earlier this year I’d plan to run tours every spooky day in 2015.

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Some of the things I uncovered about the beliefs around Friday the 13th are listed below.

Did anyone change their bed today? The lore says you will have bad dreams.

Did any cut their nails today? The rhyme says you cut them for sorrow.

Did anyone start a business on Friday the 13th? Oh me. They say, I’ll have immense bad luck, collapse and bankruptcy.

In 1306 the Knights of the Templar were rounded up on a Friday the 13th, they were tortured.

In simple numerology, 13 isn’t placed on room numbers, floors, street numbers, aisle numbers (especially on planes) or building numbers.

Some of the lore around this is that in Rome, a gathering of 12 witches was normal however if a 13 appeared the 13th witch would be considered the devil.

If you like simple numerology Jack the Ripper had 13 letters in his name as does Charles Manson and other infamous people, it’s said to be the devils luck, it is interesting that fluffy bunnies also has 13 numbers and in Australia we sent out rabbit hunting parties regularly, in the 90’s we poisoned them with myximotisis they really had the run of devils luck.

In Yallourn, 1953 there was a terrible explosion at the briquette plant, the cause wasn’t known. 1 person was killed and 13 injured.

The worst event that struck this area on a Friday the 13th was in 1933 on January Friday the 13th. A fire raged across the state, it killed 100 people. One of those people were from the Yallourn district trying to flee the fire, he realised he couldn’t out run the flames and threw himself into a ditch. Where he was found later, dead.

The ghost whisperers’ chatty dress

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Thanks to the residents for letting us on their property and thanks to Lynton Gale for the photos.

In January, I ran a competition to decide the ghost whisperers’ costume. Originally, I was trying to go for dresses inspired by the 1910-1930 era which was the start of the Brown Coal Mine and Yallourn. I couldn’t really find any, and none of the choices were from this time period. It’s tough to find dresses from 1910-1930, that isn’t a flapper’s dress – its way to cold to wear that in winter!.  I made up a competition and put it out to the people, asking for comments of the communities to pick their favourite.

The costume competition winner was Catheryn Thompson whose comments inspired the dress to speak volumes.

“This dress is school marmish with blood red flowers – the sense of controlled horror & femme fatale, will suit the haunted hills”

These comments captured my imagination as I appreciate the film noir genre where the femme fatale character emerged. Film noir has a particular look, using shadows to change the everyday into something, shady. It’s the genre of most old school detective movies, as they investigate the shady side and disclosed side of life.  Anyhow, how does all that relate to the ghost tour setup delivers this film noir look, while it’s a walking tour not a film. The elements of a film noir are all there as walk commences in the twilight setting the atmosphere, casting shadows on the otherwise beautiful town of Yallourn North. The stories shared throughout the tour, take us back in time and to the things we don’t really talk about as the history. You know, things the like the four skeleton’s found in a stones throw from Yallourn, the unsolved murders and the spirits unable to rest lacking justice. The tour covers the sly grog trade as well, according to an article by ancestory.com on Australia day, we like having criminals in our histories. The tour also covers creatures that were in Yallourn, like the Gippsland Lion. That’s the main elements of the ghost tour. Ghost tours don’t usually have a genre but, I would say most are a combination of film noir, horror, thriller and suspense.

“The controlled horror” I most certainly hope the horror is controlled. There are elements in the stories that may horrify people.

The dress has an aspect of looking like school Marm. Well, that comes with other aspect to ghost tours, history. To explore the spirits past some understanding of their life helps, which will be provided to you on the tour.

A later addition to the costume was a red cape

Congratulations Catheryn

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First radio interview for Haunted Hills Tours

Thanks to Star FM Gippsland and Brad and Mandy for the audio file of our very first radio interview, regarding the Haunted Hills Tours and the Ghost Whisperer.

If you don’t want (don’t have time) to listen (I was so nervous), the highlights are:

I grew up in a house that was born in Yallourn and raised in Leongatha.

I think there is more to the Haunted Hills than the accepted answer that the coal and gas caused the sounds that startled the cattle, causing them to stampede.

Below you can hear Tegan explain the Haunted Hills phenomenon, and what you can expect on the guided walking tour of Yallourn North, Victoria.

About Us


Haunted Hills Tours, is an up and coming Ghost Tour experience in Yallourn North, revealing ghost stories from the Brown Coal Mine and Yallourn Townships.      

Come and join us under the cloak of darkness to hear our tales of the history and the paranormal activity that occurred, way back when, in the townships and the surrounding areas.
The Ghost Whisperer (Tour Guide/Owner) is Tegan Dawson. Tegan Dawson is heading into her final year of university, studying professional communications. She has a passion for the underdog, story telling and a love of history, the strange, and macabre. She has attended many ghost tours. She enjoys telling the stories that we don’t tell. The stories that haunt us.
 We leave from the Lions Park on Reserve St, Yallourn North, Vic 3825 (there are loos there)
Haunted Hills Tours aims to create a must-see tourist attraction by providing quality experiences through oral story telling.Haunted Hills Tours vision is to grow in to a dynamic tourism business that contributes to the diversity of our area.Our core values are truth, revealing true historical events and genuine paranormal experiences. Creativity continuing to develop and push the boundaries to excel in experiential tourism. Respect is the platform that everything grows, from how the subjects of the story are handled through to the towns we tour. Haunted Hills Tours delight in historical research and hearing people’s experiences. We can cater for 30 people on a tour, this gives everybody the ability to hear the stories that haunt us. 
Bookings are essential to ensure your place. Please see our answers to frequently asked questions.

Ticket Prices:

Concession: $20.00
(Concession means student, pensioner or child meaning persons under 18 years old)
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Tegan Dawson at hauntedhillstours@gmail.com
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