Payment and Shipping details

There is no shipping with the Haunted Hills Tours – Yallourn North Ghost Tour.

We’re a location-based guided walking tour company. You must attend the Lion’s park, Reserve St in Yallourn North. At the dates we have a tour running or if you have a group of 10 or more you can negotiate a private tour by calling 0473 945 639

Ticket Prices:

Concession: $20.00
(Concession means student, pensioner or child meaning persons under 18 years old)

We use PayPal to process payments online and prior to the 13th of February 2015 this was through a shopping service called Ecwid, during March I’m trialing a site that is specific for handling bookings called This is a secure site and still utilises Paypal, this also gives me a greater chance to communicate easier with my customers.

When you book please tell Haunted Hills Tours of the date and make sure it is a date we are operating on, if you’d like to arrange a tour outside of these dates please call 0473 945 639

Refunds: Tours are not refundable unless Haunted Hills Tours cancel the Ghost Tour. The only reason this would occur is in case of bush fire.

There are other options to pay if you call 0473 945 639

Please book your tour at least 1 hour before the tour commences – in daylight savings time this is 8pm, in winter (not daylight savings time) tours begin at 6:30pm.

You can cancel your tour 24 hours before the tour for no fee. You can book here.

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