Yallourn North Christmas Light and History Tour

Yallourn North Christmas Tour 2015

Christmas past and present collide at Yallourn North

Haunted Hills Tours is proud to present the first Yallourn North Christmas Lights and History tour, which forms part of Yallourn North’s 12 days of Christmas Festival.

The tour will walk past some of the best dressed and illuminated homes in Yallourn North, and we will be offering up stories of how the former Brown Coal Mine township, and neighbouring Yallourn, celebrated Christmas.

As we meander the local streets, we will also be sharing historical information about the township and its past residents, and share in the spirit of Christmas.The Christmas Festival starts on the 1st of December, and our free tour begins at 9pm on the 10th of December.

There are only 30 spots available, so book fast using our website (www.bookeo.com/haunted_hills_tours).We also want to take this opportunity to advise you that Haunted Hills Tours is expanding by introducing another tour to our Yallourn North repertoire – a historical crime tour, Crime in the Brown Coal Mine, also in December.

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Celebrate Christmas with Haunted Hills Tours

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