Gippsland Lion, Gippsland Tiger, Gippsland Large Cat

Cryptoid: Gippsland Lion

Gippsland Lion - Lion photo original - Photographer- Buffa, Title- Lion - Picture of trees is haunted hills tours taken in the haunted hills

Gippsland Lion. The photo of the lion is by photographer – Buffa, titled: Lion found (The trees behind taken by Haunted Hills Tours in the Haunted Hills. 


The elusive Gippsland Lion, was it a cryptoid never captured or fictional creation to explain sheep mutilations?

There are no pictures of the Gippsland Lion, there are pictures of creatures believed to be, up until capture that weren’t lions. Some weren’t even of feline origin. Like the poor huge ranga wombat that was killed and caught in place of the Gippsland Lion.

The Gippsland Lion is very strong it tears through sheep like they’re sheets, it’s a very large cat, it chats and it’s fawn coloured. Legend says that it was able to drag a dog down by it’s shoulder.

Some calculated of nine feet long, three feet high, with a wobbly head. With a paw four inches across, 4 toes in front one at the side similar to a dog, with a long bushy tail. In Traralgon one morning a man found tracks he believed was the Gippsland Lion, they called it a Gunyah (hut) cat. Alerting his neighbours they thought they’d found one. Following some paw prints they believed were made by the Gippsland Lion, who’d appeared been sniffing their letter boxes. They caught up with the creator of the paw prints and came face to face with the Mailman who’d lost his shoes.

During the 1920’s the sheep were being killed, and this was affecting the local economy so the shop owners and farmers paid for a lion slayer who hailed from Hurtsbridge to come to the Latrobe Valley to hunt and kill the Gippsland Lion.

The fact is the sheep were being killed, the creature doing this was never found. Maybe it was a Yowie?

People have seen the Gippsland Lion but never at opportune times convenient to kill it, like the family who nearly ran it over in their buggy on Morwell River Road. The Gippsland Lion jumped out into the path of their buggy and out of the way just as quickly.

Have you seen the Gippsland Lion? Reports waned after the second world war. .. and were replaced with the Black Panther.


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