We’re on Redbubble

Through researching, spending time in and around the towns we provide tours for, we’ve captured some shots of Gippsland you could wear or adorn your walls with, add to your office space as a window to Gippsland.

As we’ve been reviewing material and stories of the paranormal quotes have come to us, and we like the paranormal, so we’ve created some designs and things that can be worn, put up or help you travel.

We’re using Redbubble as it is a print on demand site, that handles all the printing, posting and hosting of the shop for now, while we see how much interest there is in it. We like to source locally as much as possible however the outlay for such things is a little high when this is not our primary business idea and we’re still focusing on building our stories and towns.

I’d love to hear your feedback.

Throw pillows, Stickers, T-Shirts, Galaxy phone cases, travel mugs, leggings, pencil skirt, art print


Oak Beach, Queensland

Harmony Hills Pencil Skirt

Paranormal selections:


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