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Indonesian Walking Dead

A photo and video thought to depict a zombie, went viral as you’d expect, proof of zombies is here, or so you could think. The photo below looks like a mummified corpse (to this untrained eye). It does appear be in motion, but we can assume that’s with a little assistance from the man beside her. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about living mummy.

A lady walking dead, a mummified corpse from Toraja, Indonesia

The rumours as you can imagine with the wonderful invention of the internet, went wild. One of the theories was that the corpses are reanimated by black magic, helping walk to their final resting place – high in limestone caves. If someone points at the corpse it will fall to the ground unable to finish the journey.

It’s a partial truth. The truth is a lot of the Torajan deceased are buried in caves, high in the mountains, and the photo and video aren’t fakes, but they’re also not of reanimated corpses. The dead are embalmed in their home, and remain there until the funeral season, which correlates with the Torajan dry season, July to September. In life the Torajan’s a largely Christian population save and plan for their final home. All their wealth is directed to creating a home they will live in the longest.

Funerals are a massive celebration not quite like the day of the dead (Mexican festival) however it is a celebration of singing, dancing and celebrating the life of the deceased with them present, and finally where the deceased are walked with assistance as pictured to their final resting place (no magic involved). The traditions and customs around it have the corpses walk in straight lines. The Torajan people believe their ancestor walked down stairs from heaven and that the stair case has since been removed, however it is partially why their final resting place is high in the mountains.

That’s not the end of the Torajan burial custom. Every August, the mummies are washed and walked in a straight lines. Some of the mummies are walked back to their village of origin as this disconnection from the village may cause them unrest. This too could have been what is depicted in the videos.

While Zombie’s are yet to jump out at us through chemical or biological or GMO or magic….

I always thought being buried alive was worse, then I considered being mummified alive...

I always thought being buried alive was worse, then I considered being mummified alive…

Haunting Tales

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