Ghost Tour VS Paranormal Investigation

Ghost tour or Paranormal investigation. Thanks to P K for the photo on the right of the Paranormal Investigator all geared up, original file

Ghost tour or Paranormal investigation.
Thanks to P K for the photo on the right of the Paranormal Investigator all geared up, original file

Ghost Tour

Haunted Hills Tours provides a ghost tour experience. This is where you see or hear about local haunted locations, historical stories and stories. We also cover some cryptology and local urban legends. In Yallourn North some of the haunted places are in the bush and too far to walk too. You will find out about locations you can check for yourself later. Some of the stories relate to private properties. Haunted Hills Tours won’t disclose those locations due to privacy concerns and respect for the residents.
This is a link about Ghost Tours.


Paranormal Investigations

Haunted Hills Tours doesn’t provide Paranormal Investigations at this time. Paranormal investigation is using equipment like EMF readers, voice boxes, and other tools. These help communicate and confirm spirits existence. Conducted in places that have known spirits and paranormal activity. Paranormal investigations take a lot longer and the equipment is explained and it’s more about contacting the spirits than it is about stories, apart from about the ghosts who may contact you, especially the chatty ones on the voice box.

Drifter Paranormal are some Australian Paranormal investigators I follow as well as lot of others on Twitter. They can’t allow people on their investigations unless they’re insured. Beechworth offers Paranormal investigations at the Asylum there, and you can pay to go on those and have access to EMF readers and the guide has a spirit box and other equipment.

Drifter Paranormal sets up their equipment and films the location for a long time, they also try to talk to the spirits first to see if they respond.

Paranormal investigations require a special skill set and humility as I heard Dustin Pari telling Wes Forsythe on a podcase over at

I’m thinking of expanding into paranormal investigations, I have to do more research, soul searching and get some mentors. But I’m thinking about getting some places checked out, I’ve got a few other locations on my radar in the Yallourn North area. I’d also want to know the area very well and the types of spirits that we might encounter as I want to be a positive and safe experience. If I were to run them as well, I’d look at the amount of frequency prior to engaging. There is a lot to consider.

A voice box, you can download as an app with attachment for your phone:

Find the next ghost tour here:

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