How to take ghost photos

How to take legitimate ghost photos:

Need to find a location that is reportedly haunted or a person who experiences a lot of paranormal activity.

Ghosts are drawn to some people and animals so having other subjects in the frame is a good idea.

Try to avoid, windy, dusty or wet conditions as they can cause orbs.

Use the right settings for the conditions, for example if taking photos at night, use night settings. Low light will cause blurry photos and if there is something there it will forever be in question due to the bad camera work.

Putting the camera on something sturdy is a good idea too, to avoid blurry shots from the photographer shaking.

Tie back your hair if you have long hair, it can float in front of the camera and cause pictures to come out differently.

Avoid reflective surfaces.


How to take artistic ghost shots

That look like ghost photos (although let people know, they’re easily debunked)


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