Don’t create an Easter horror

Drive safe

Drive safe

It was a foggy Easter saturday, Helen’s lights weren’t working on her car as she drove home towards the Brown Coal Mine township. The battery had been on the blink. Two other ladies were walking home, sister-in-laws. A car with two men were driving out of the Brown Coal Mine, their lights were working. At the main road near the western camp, the 3 parties met. The man wound down his window shouted watch out, but watched in horror as Helen blinded by the light flooding in the fog ran into the two ladies. They both landed on the road one with abrasions on her hand and face the other bleeding from the nose and mouth. She died a few hours later.

Have you seen her on a foggy night walking the stretch of road?

Or got another story to share with me?

The stories that haunt us

Join us on a ghost tour and enjoy the paranormal stories from the Yallourn North area

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