A day in the life of this ghost whisperer

A day in the life of the Ghost Whisperer

A day in the life of the Ghost Whisperer

I recently read  about Benjamin Franklin’s diary hoping to glean some wisdom to helping me with my time management. Looking over last years diary the only things I diarise are birthdays, major events, assignment due dates, exams and holidays. It’s not a good reflection of what I did or achieved.

I don’t expect my method of time management is anything as ground breaking. I don’t “clock-watch” as I try to be flexible to add in “life”. In fact the only clocks I have in my house are on my digital devices. I’m passionate about what I invest my time in.

When I wake up, I watch my subscribed YouTube channel uploads. Then get up and get ready, although I might shake this up and do house work instead.

I chat with people as I want to hear people’s experiences whether face to face or over the internet. I make time for my friends and husband, I work around what I need to achieve.

I use a homework planner as a to do list, I try to set my self achievable amounts of work so I can feel like I have accomplished my goals.

I spend a lot of time researching, it’s a little infectious. I look up odd historical things. I’ve discovered through researching people’s untimely deaths, their life story is revealed. I think it’s invaluable to understanding our history as a whole. (I’m also trying to find Australia’s x-files, but it looks like that’s a little more difficult.)

Graphics take about an hour to create, this I found shocking. That includes the time I spend searching for the right photos. I discovered a program called ‘Canva’ to create the graphics. It’s a huge step up from the original graphics I made. I also think that original process took me a lot longer too than using ‘Canva’.  ‘Canva’ makes graphic design easy, its not my forte. Yet, I’ve gotten enough compliments on my images that I could almost believe it is.

I’m back at university now, for my third and final year (here’s hoping I maintain some form of consistency for my final year.) I’ve added in four hours of university study per subject over four days and a day at uni, with only uni work the focus.

During January, I was working on the stories that I tell on the ghost tour, it’s an hour of content, I would read it aloud. It’s useful for anything that you write to read it aloud and hear how it sounds, it helps to fix it up. I found it helped me fashion the stories better too, so that I was telling them in ‘ghost story’ format. It helped me cement the story in my mind, I don’t have to do as much revision now. My cat’s are not good listeners and it was hard talking to such a disinterested audience. I recorded it, so I could play it back when I’m out and about, dropping off brochures on my way to meeting people, or while cleaning the house. Again this helped with revising the stories.

A daily dance session, for fitness so I don’t sound puffed while telling stories after walking, with the Xbox connect. It’s a fun form of exercise and I need to that inducement.

I’ve been working on one blog per week (I’m a little ahead of the schedule which is handy as I know my uni workload will gain pace.)

In the evenings while watching TV shows, l do jobs that don’t need a lot of concentration. Creating memes. I  research and save the research for analysis and work later, adding it to my to do list.

I’ve developed a bad habit, but I blame the 24 hour media cycle (doesn’t everyone?). The news outlets release all their news online  for the next day after 10pm, from my mobile I surf the internet before sleeping. I also have a ‘Feedly’ account that brings me all the stories about horror, ghosts, paranormal, eccentric. This keeps me current with the stories.

I can never quite grasp the formula that captures my life, and my time management will never be something that someone can follow as a how-to-guide. If you can script your life so tightly (you might become a residual haunt  once you pass).  Trust me, I like consistency and routine, not to the point I sacrifice my life.

One thing I’d like to fit back into my schedule is working on my fictional writing.

If anyone can work the ghost whisperers time management schedule into something quantifiable. I’ll be amazed.

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