First radio interview for Haunted Hills Tours

Thanks to Star FM Gippsland and Brad and Mandy for the audio file of our very first radio interview, regarding the Haunted Hills Tours and the Ghost Whisperer.

If you don’t want (don’t have time) to listen (I was so nervous), the highlights are:

I grew up in a house that was born in Yallourn and raised in Leongatha.

I think there is more to the Haunted Hills than the accepted answer that the coal and gas caused the sounds that startled the cattle, causing them to stampede.

Below you can hear Tegan explain the Haunted Hills phenomenon, and what you can expect on the guided walking tour of Yallourn North, Victoria.

5 thoughts on “First radio interview for Haunted Hills Tours

  1. jo

    i attended the first ghost tour on Friday,feb 13th. I was really looking forward to it as im really into ghost/haunted related stories. All i have to say about this tour is that i was dissapointed in it. I think it was a waste of $25.00. I would not recommend this tour. I think anyone can look up stories about a town, charge people money and just walk around a town. Im glad someone is doing something like this, but it could of been alot better in my opinion.



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