First news article

Last Monday, taking around the Haunted Hills Tours media kit I went to the Latrobe Valley Express. I was interviewed that day by Jessica, and then photographed by Bryan on the Tuesday in Yallourn North at the statue commemorating the fallen soldiers from the Yallourn North area. I chose that place because it represents the stories we know about our area and I’m going to share the stories we don’t know (or don’t know so well.)

The stories that haunt us.

I like this place just in front of the Cricket Ground in Yallourn North as there is lavender (they’re purple), you can see the hills in the distance and to add some extra texture to the photo it was raining, and the hills were misty. This is rather serendipitous as this imagery is connected to the unknown, romanticism and mysticism.

If you’d like a copy of the media kit please email:

I took photos on that day, you can see them here

Here you can read the article by the Express

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