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Haunted Hills Tours, is an up and coming Ghost Tour experience in Yallourn North, revealing ghost stories from the Brown Coal Mine and Yallourn Townships.      

Come and join us under the cloak of darkness to hear our tales of the history and the paranormal activity that occurred, way back when, in the townships and the surrounding areas.
The Ghost Whisperer (Tour Guide/Owner) is Tegan Dawson. Tegan Dawson is heading into her final year of university, studying professional communications. She has a passion for the underdog, story telling and a love of history, the strange, and macabre. She has attended many ghost tours. She enjoys telling the stories that we don’t tell. The stories that haunt us.
 We leave from the Lions Park on Reserve St, Yallourn North, Vic 3825 (there are loos there)
Haunted Hills Tours aims to create a must-see tourist attraction by providing quality experiences through oral story telling.Haunted Hills Tours vision is to grow in to a dynamic tourism business that contributes to the diversity of our area.Our core values are truth, revealing true historical events and genuine paranormal experiences. Creativity continuing to develop and push the boundaries to excel in experiential tourism. Respect is the platform that everything grows, from how the subjects of the story are handled through to the towns we tour. Haunted Hills Tours delight in historical research and hearing people’s experiences. We can cater for 30 people on a tour, this gives everybody the ability to hear the stories that haunt us. 
Bookings are essential to ensure your place. Please see our answers to frequently asked questions.

Ticket Prices:

Concession: $20.00
(Concession means student, pensioner or child meaning persons under 18 years old)
For more information on payment and shipping

Contact details:

Tegan Dawson at hauntedhillstours@gmail.com
Phone: 0473945639

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